The Perfect BMW (Recalibrate My Love Book 1)

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source site This is the part two of the story that follow the lives of four rising popstars. If you've ever wanted a peek into the lives of your pop idols, then this is the story for you. LIving in the lime light isn't always what it seems to be. Follow Liam, Tommy, Nigel and Finn as they try to figure out growing up in the fast-paced and highly competitive lifestyle of being celebrities. Cover 1 by Luvvenia Hawkins Series: Popstars , Book 1. This is the story that follow the lives of four rising popstars.

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Man Up by Luvvenia Hawkins Series: Recalibrate My Love , Book 4. A man's tale of how living in the shadow of a deadbeat dad affected his relationships with women, self-esteem as a man and avoiding fatherhood. Have you ever wondered why some men treat women the way that they do? It's not always the mother's fault. Get a deeper understanding of how one man becomes a promiscuous, relationship fearing and emasculated man. Can the love of a good woman save him?

The Perfect BMW

My Mom Your Dad: Have you ever had a crush on someone and just didn't have the courage to approach them? Unfortunately for them so did their parents and they just got married. Hood Love 2 by Luvvenia Hawkins Series: Hood Love , Book 2.

They killed my sister; they should have killed me too. They say in order to kill a man, you must think like he thinks; eat like he eats… Live like he lives.

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Golden Boys , Book 3. This is not a story about vampires, werewolves, little green-bluish monsters from a far away distant galaxies chasing, hunting and killing off teenagers who are hiding out here on earth until some appointed time with destiny. Nor is this the love story of a regular girl or boy in love having a paranormal love affair.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. OtherBooks by Alm Hlgh: The Princess & The Thug:Hood Love Rex's Revenge: Hood Love2 The Perfect BMW. Word count: 39, Even Divas get lonely too. What to do? You are young and gifted. This is the tale of one woman's hunt for the perfect BMW (Black Man.

Recalibrate My Love , Book 3. Warning Explicit Sexual Content. This is a nasty-sex book. Golden Boys , Book 2. Taming The Golden Boys: Golden Boys , Book 1. Unfortunate for them Nevada Tate just isn't your average newbie dweeb; she's the bully's bully. And what happens when the bully falls for the victim? Five year army veteran 1st Sergeant Trent Long and Pinkerton Agent, thought being set-up, charged, tried and convicted for murder and attempted train robbery of 2 million dollars in US gold was the worse thing that could happen to him.

Little did he know that it was only just the beginning. Recalibrate My Love , Book 2.

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Sometimes It's Only Sex Book 3: What happens when a bitter, mistrustful woman meets an ex-con needing a place to stay? Recalibrate My Love , Book 1. Even Divas get lonely too. You are young, black and gifted.

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This is the tale of one woman's hunt for the perfect BMW Black Man Working only to have her dream come true turn into her worse nightmare when she learns that her new hubby has not disclose to her the fact that he has three children by three different women. What happens when she finds out and they all come to live with her? Hood Love , Book 1. Coming of age teenage love affair.

After Miles lost his parents and was betrayed by his family, he swore he would never love or trust again. He turned to the streets and found comfort living as a gangster. He never expected to meet a girl in the middle of a turf war and falling in love with her wasn't an option. But what can a gangster do? Caroline Gerardo Latest book: Published November 9, Follow them on Twitter: Mark Stewart Latest book: Planet X91 The Black Hole. Published April 27, Nancy Morse Latest book: Published March 7, Renita Williams Latest book: Neal Towers was not your average black man.

He was a successful air personality for the number 1 broadcast radio-company in the USA and he was moving up the syndicated radio show list fairly quickly; expecting to have his own syndicated show one day soon. He had a college degree, making big money, never married and he loved beautiful and successful black women. All of his life getting a woman was the easy part and he never gave much thought about family life or having children.

So when his high school sweetheart had Junior, it was no big deal; he just stepped up to the plate making sure he handled his financial responsibility. Neale couldn't get enough of the parties or the women and that's how he met Susan a groupie who followed and traveled around with one of the boy bands that his station sponsored. Neal meets Shelia and for him it's love at first sight; only she's not interested in having any kids or a man with any. What's a man to do when he's just met his perfect woman but he doesn't quite meet her standards?

Is it lying if you fail to disclose certain information? Join Neal and Shelia in this romantic-comedy that asks: What is the most important quality in a marriage?