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They observer a young lady in one corner of the park crying. They contemplate and debate about the causes of her depression and about helping her.

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They probably see their own past and the lost opportunity in the troubles of the young lady. Xingjian do not provide any solution, neither does he conclude. We never know the reason of the lady crying, nor whether the middle aged couple managed to shake off their current life and re-unite.

Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather

A swimmer developed cramps and nearly drown in the sea at an unnamed resort, barely managed to escape. In his return to the hotel in all excitement to announce the news of his miraculous escape, he find no one interested in him. He wanted to live desperately and to be with the rest of the world. He finds that his escape and excitement does not matter to anyone and the loss of an individual goes unnoticed in this world.

As he walks back to the shore dejected, the writers takes our views to a couple of boys running to the water leaving behind a crippled girl on the shore. The government machinery goes through the pre-determined process including shifting the body to the hospital, removing the debris and even cleaning the road and the blood stains.

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Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather, also rendered from Chinese as A Fishing Rod for My Grandpa, is a collection of six short stories by the Chinese. Self-restraint has helped Gao Xingjian's writing. Julia Lovell finds Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather short and sweet.

The world here has come back to what it was a while ago. And it can serve as the raw material for literature when it is supplemented by the imagination and written up as a moving narrative: The story that bears the title of this collection is about a mans buying a fibre glass fishing rod for his grand father, who we the reader realise later had died long ago.

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Buying a Fishing Rod for my Grandfather Author: From China 's first-ever winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature comes an exquisite new book of fictions, none of which has ever been published before in English. A young couple on honeymoon visit a beautiful temple up in the mountains, and spend the day intoxicated by the tranquillity of the setting; a swimmer is paralysed by a sudden cramp and finds himself stranded far out to sea on a cold autumn day; a man reminisces about his beloved grandfather, who used to make his own fishing rods from lengths of crooked bamboo straightened over a fire!

Blending the crisp immediacy of the present moment with the soft afterglow of memory and nostalgia, these stories hum with simplicity and wisdom and will delight anyone who loved Gao's bestselling novels, Soul Mountain and One Man's Bible.

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In 'The Temple,' the narrator's acute and mysterious anxiety overshadows the delirious happiness of an outing with his new wife on their honeymoon.