Frankenstein: Literary Touchstone

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Shelley's wife and Mary's half-sister both committed suicide; Mary and Shelley wed shortly after he was widowed but social disapproval forced them from England; three of their children died in infancy or childhood; and while Shelley was an aristocrat and a genius, he was also moody and had little money. Mary conceived of her magnum opus, Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, when she was only nineteen when Lord Byron suggested they tell ghost stories at a house party. The resulting book took over two years to write and can be seen as the brilliant creation of a powerful but tormented mind.

The story of Frankenstein has endured nearly two centuries and countless variations because of its timeless exploration of the tension between our quest for knowledge and our thirst for good. Shelley drowned when Mary was only 24, leaving her with an infant and debts. She died from a brain tumor on February 1, at the age of That's what those movies show! But this was such a mistake of mine! O Creature was one of the most intelligent characters in the story! His ability to deduct, to learn, to feel The story creature told about his first year of life was so heartgripping that I felt so fond of him, so sorry for him Sadly later he changed..

Loniness makes people and other creatures do bad things He was extremely sensitive being..

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (2005, Paperback)

With emotions on extremities - both good and bad. But wouldn't we be like that, if we didn't have parents and comfort of other people to learn from? I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to read some intricate English language, but who has enough patience to suffer though all characters' repetitive sufferings pun intended.

This book is emotional, but not in a romantic way.

It makes You think about creators responsibility against the creation. And most of all, it shows how Your decisions can change Your whole life! If you're reading this review, you only have one question. You're not looking for a book review, you already know it's a classic.

You already know this is the most original, and one of the best, and best-written horror stories in literature. You may or may not like the story, but that's a matter of personal taste. A lot of people don't like Shakespeare, but no one questions whether he was a good writer or not. If you don't like the writing style, it's because you aren't familiar with the English of this period.

Nearly eighty years before Stoker's "Dracula" an idea stolen from Polidori's "The Vampyre", which was an idea stolen from LeFanu's "Carmilla" , this most-original horror masterpiece was born.

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So, your only question is, "Is this really the uncensored version? Because I've only seen one other verified version, and it's over twenty dollars in paperback. All the others claiming to be the version have been disproved. The only preface is Shelley's own original.

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There is no introduction, no commentary or editorial credits whatsoever. There are no illustrations, and the spelling and language have not been edited. Have a good thesaurus handy.


So, here it is, the author's original script, no frills, for a bargain price. Which is exactly what I was looking for. I first read this story in high school, then again in college and love it both times.

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Have a good thesaurus handy. Thank you for your feedback. English Choose a language for shopping. His ability to deduct, to learn, to feel Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. The Analects Oxford World's Classics. The story creature told about his first year of life was so heartgripping that I felt so fond of him, so sorry for him

However, now just over two decades later I pick up this book to embellish in the immortal of dear Mary and wonder if when she wrote this work she had any inclination, it would be considered a masterpiece in its own right. She could not have known that one day it would be made into a picture, not one, not twice but numerous times the first in But to what end?

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Victor Frankenstein engaged in undertakings surpassing any ever attempted. He without consideration, self-preservation, or repercussions painstakingly constructed a human form and brought him life. Yet on the day of his creation birth, he ran from him calling him a monster and left him to his own devices. Some look at his creation as being just such named. However, was the creation indeed a monster? Is a living thing, which can think, love, empathizes, long, and want truly be considered a monster or, as Robert Waltson calls it, a hypocritical fiend.

Or, should the creator, the one the creature relied on, the one who brought him life and then abandoned him be indeed perceived as the monster? Many passages exist in these writing that I adore, but I will share just one with you: I am a literature major and I have read, analyzed and studied this book and also taught it!

This book is packed full of themes and ideas and a very insightful look at human nature. This is not an easy read but instead one meant to be studied, savored and enjoyed. GirlieGoalie - , reviewed Frankenstein: I am saddened that the movies missed much of the story of Frankenstein. Turning this classic into a generic mindless monster.

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