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see Series 8 7 episodes followed in January , and the ninth and final series of six episodes aired later that year from September onwards. Two Christmas specials were also made. The first was a minute episode, which followed Series 2 in , and the second was also a minute episode, screened at Christmas , preceding Series 8.

The new scenes were interspersed with clips from the original series and new interviews. The actors who reprised their roles were: Collins and Nicholas Frankau. In addition, Richard Gibson and Sam Kelly are interviewed, although they are not reprising their respective roles. The only main characters who did not appear in the reunion at all where the actor or actress who played the character originally was then alive were Private Helga Geerhart played by Kim Hartman and Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen played by John Louis Mansi.

Jeremy Lloyd wrote the new material. The shots are not always actual clips from the episode but usually re-enactments of a specific shot or action for each character from that episode. Being an ensemble show, the actor credits are given in the order of their first spoken line for that particular episode. Gorden Kaye was credited first in all but one of the episodes, where he was credited second behind Carmen Silvera. On various occasions, particularly in later seasons, actors or actresses were credited out of order, or credited even when not appearing in the episode.

Series 5 episode " The Big Flush " credits actors Kim Hartman , Richard Gibson , John Louis Mansi and Gavin Richards as having appeared, when they had not, and a series 7 episode credits Vicki Michelle as one of the last characters introduced, when she appeared in the first scene. Many storylines for 'Allo 'Allo also derive directly from episodes of Secret Army , such as the valuable paintings and the accompanying forgeries, which both the Germans and the Resistance are seeking to obtain in the Secret Army second series episode "Weekend".

Some actors from Secret Army also appear in 'Allo 'Allo! Collins , Hilary Minster and David Beckett. Inspiration was also drawn from patriotic black-and-white British melodramas of the s. Several actors from ' Allo 'Allo! More than airmen and agents escaped through this line.

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This usually took place with Madame Edith singing, and either Lt. Gruber or LeClerc at the piano.

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For example, an exchange between French-speaking characters, conducted in English with a French accent, is totally incomprehensible to the British airmen until Michelle the only French character who speaks English switches to Bertie Wooster -esque " top hole, old chap " style banter in an upper-class English accent. Helga also sometimes stripped to a rather raunchy version of the latter tune. Learning program French Pod Review: Disco is on mission and Betty, a daredevil, music-crazy girl is at his side. The show was last performed for a summer season at Bournemouth 's Pier Theatre in

Occasionally, Gruber sang and played piano at the same time. Characters could also be seen whistling or humming tunes at certain points. David Croft and Roy Moore composed the theme tune performed at the start and end of each episode. It features a French-style melody performed on an accordion. The title is London Calling, but according to Guy Siner the first lyrics are:.

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Carmen Silvera sang the full song and it was released on LP in the s. Most popular was "Louise" from the film Innocents in Paris , which featured a number of times and was even sung in the "broken-French" language of Crabtree, who pronounced the title "Loo-woes".

Fil d'Ariane

Naturally the " La Marseillaise " and the German National Anthem " Deutschlandlied " featured from time to time, for example where several French peasants sang La Marsellaise to celebrate the expected bombing of the Germans, but the singers flawlessly and without hesitation switch to Das Lied der Deutschen when the Germans come past. Helga also sometimes stripped to a rather raunchy version of the latter tune. The song got to number fifty-seven in the UK Singles Chart. The show gave rise to a successful touring stage-show featuring most of the TV cast.

This ran from to and included three London stage runs as well as international tours. In January Gorden Kaye suffered serious head injuries in a car accident. As a result, his understudy , John Larson, played the part in a London Palladium production. Kaye had a dent in his forehead for the rest of his life from a piece of wood that smashed through the car window. He wanted to end the television show after his accident, but was convinced by Jeremy Lloyd to continue. The show was last performed for a summer season at Bournemouth 's Pier Theatre in A new touring show, based on the tour written by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, opened at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage , Hertfordshire on 29 August before going on a national tour in The theatrical version is also frequently performed by amateur theatre companies in the UK and elsewhere.

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"Allô" is from a word, not an interjection, but it has gained the "^" for the sake of the pronounciation. We imagine the voice rising with the "Allô". English review of the French podcast Allo la planète. stories, comment on the news, give a helping hand, and share their memories, their dreams, their plans.

Although the French town of Nouvion in which the series is set indeed exists, all filming was done in Norfolk. From — all interior scenes were filmed in front of a live studio audience at the BBC Television Centre studios in London. With hopes for a US syndication deal the BBC planned to make 26 new episodes of the sitcom and so bigger space was needed for the production.

Allo la planète Podcast

Even though the US syndication deal did not go ahead as planned, production remained at BBC Elstree Centre for the remaining episodes of the show which ended in In early August , The Sun newspaper announced, without naming a source, that BBC plans to remake the series had been scrapped due to the possibility of viewers complaining about Gestapo officer Herr Flick.

In the UK six box sets with series 1—9 have been released, as well as a complete box set. The original UK releases have episode titles superimposed over the openings of the episodes series 1—4. The re-release of the complete series box set omits the majority, but not all of these superimposed titles. The American releases have no on-screen episode titles, reflecting the way that the shows were originally transmitted. The releases have continued on a somewhat irregular basis approximately circa twice-yearly.

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Often the circumflex indicates that a word used to be spelt with an s , but that the s has disappeared in the current spelling. As far as I know there is no word allo spelt without the circumflex, or any other variation in accents. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. CJ Dennis 1 6 A circumflex accent can be used to suggest a different pronunciation. In this case I suppose the circumflex accent indicates the o has to be spoken more like in "spoken" and not like in "bother". I didn't even know allo could be written with a circumflex.. And I'm french native!