Antologia da Poesia Barroca Portuguesa (Portuguese Edition)

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Poetas do período barroco

Current research topics focus as well on contemporary Brazilian, Galician and Spanish poetry and novel. Orientalismo , de Edward W. Um Nome Para Isto. He is a member of the Centre for Portuguese Literature at the University of Coimbra, a research unit sponsored by the F.

His research subjects include literary theory, history of criticism, hermeneutics, biographies and theories of fiction.

Pequenas Antologias de Poetas Portugueses

He is currently teaching at Sotckholm University, where he coordinates the area of Portuguese Studies. Viagens de Portugueses a Roma. Iberoamericana — Vervuert, , pp.

Poets of Mozambique - Poetas de Moçambique (Portuguese & English)

Lisboa, Setembro de , pp. Destacam-se, em particular, os seus trabalhos sobre Camilo Castelo Branco, e os estudos sobre Machado de Assis, publicados no Brasil pela editora da Unicamp. He is the author of several books. Particular mention should be made of his work on Camilo Castelo Branco, and of his studies on Machado de Assis, published in Brazil by the university press of Unicamp. His main research interest is the symbolic universe of the Baroque period, a topic about which he has written ten books.


Other interests are related to the possibility of a new iconology and the introduction of image-based knowledge in traditional disciplinary environments. El Orden Visual y Figurativo del Barroco. Madrid, Abada Editorial, Suplemento cultural 26 diciembre de Figuras del Imaginario Barroco.

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Suplemento cultural , 18 marzo Cultural , 4 mayo , Luis Ribot cat. Valladolid , Revista de Occidente , dic. Revista de Libros, dic. Una Historia Perversa de la Literatura.

Her most recent publications include Sweet Dreams: His theoretical work focuses on the relationship between literature, science and technology. He is the current chief editor of the ebr electronic book review , of which he was a founding member in Joseph Tabbi is the author of Postmodern Sublime: University of Minnesota Press, He has edited Reading Matters: Narrative in the New Media Ecology Ithaca: Cornell University Press, and Paper Empire: William Gaddis and the World-System Birmingham: University of Alabama Press, His latest work is a biography of the novelist William Gaddis Nobody Grew But the Business: Organizou as obras Reading Matters: Cornell University Press, e Paper Empire: O seu primeiro livro, Mechanisms: He has a Ph.

Mechanisms has won the Richard J. I was born in As an anthropologist I prefer borders, those spaces that tend to persist between cultures, interstices, hybrids, fluid ontologies, anomalies, rhizomes. My route is varied: I have written about war, trauma and memory; about the forensic implications of psychiatric discourse; about biotechnology and bioart; about culture and cognition.

My present work is fundamentally interdisciplinary.

Antologia by Gregório de Matos

I am building links between developments in the field of cognitive neurosciences and concepts and metaphors from the philosophies of complexity, with particular reference to the work of Gilles Deleuze. Princeton University Press, Editorial Calle Abajo, Cuadernos de "El Matadero" , 1.

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Universidad de Buenos Aires, Siglo XXI Editores, The University of Arkansas Press, University of Texas Press, Shakespeare and European politics. University of Delaware Press, Gallimard, , 3 v. Les anthologies en France. Obras completas , 4. The book of fantasy. A Linguagem na pesquisa sociocultural.

Editora da Unicamp, Another aim, from the start, was to try to break out of Buenos Aires, and find good poets in the provinces We have left out some good and promising poets in such a brief selection. This is inevitable when limits are set by printing costs and available funding In the end, the reader will have to decide whether or not the choice is a good one and, if from it, a small window is opened on new writing in Argentina.

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