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For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.

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Jesus says that we need only go into the "prayer closet" and God will gladly give blessings. It's of importance to understand that the Greek language refers to "ask, seek, and knock" as imperatives. It literally means, "keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking. This teaches a great lesson in our faith in relation to God's desire to give us blessings.

He wants us to demonstrates our trust in His goodness and love by continuing to "ask, see, and knock. This is in accordance with His will and with what God knows is best for us. We can have the assurance that God wants to give us blessing and answer our prayers. He will always answer our prayers. It may not be the answer that we are looking for, but it will be an answer.

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One day a lady was giving her little nephew some lessons. He was generally a good, attentive child, but on this occasion he could not fix his mind on his work. Suddenly he said, "Auntie, may I kneel down and ask God to help me find my marble? Then he rose and went on with his lessons contentedly. Next day, almost afraid of asking the question, lest the child had not found his toy, and so might lose his simple faith, the lady said to him, "Well, dear have you found your marble?

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It is related of Alexander the Great, that, on one occasion a courtier asked him for some financial aid. That great leader told him to go to his treasurer and ask for whatever amount he wanted. A little later, the treasurer appeared and told Alexander the man had asked for an enormous sum, and that he hesitated to pay out so much. He wants to hear our requests and grant them. Copyright by Grady Scott may be reproducted for non-commercial purposes at no cost to others.

Lambert had a different visual aspect of the song on her mind. She felt that it was more about ecstasy , especially a sexual one, and how it related to religious ecstasy. The video was shot over four days, with an extra day allotted for re-shooting some of the scenes. Originally Lambert had casts taken of Robinson's face, hand and feet to create the statue of the saint which would be used as a decoration.

However during post-production, Lambert found that the statue did not look like Robinson, who was asked to re-shoot the respective scenes. Secondly, as a performer you have this nervous energy—and my requirements here were total antithesis of that. The video begins with Madonna witnessing a young woman being robbed and murdered by a group of men, but she is too frozen in fear to protest.

The police mistakenly suspect the black man of being the killer and arrest him. The real murderers give a threatening look towards Madonna and leave. There she sees a caged statue of saint who resembles the black man on the street. As the song starts, she utters a prayer in front of the statue which appears to be crying. Madonna lies down on a pew and has a dream in which she is falling through space.

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GOD IS JUST A PRAYER AWAY! INTRODUCTION: Sometimes Christians do not feel the presence of God in their lives. I guess we all feel that God is far away. Prayer is not only a request of God, but a conversation with God. Such prayers include genuine discontent while maintaining a hopeful.

Suddenly, a woman, representing power and strength, catches her. She advises Madonna to do what is right and tosses her back up. He kisses her forehead and leaves the church as she picks up a knife and cuts her hands, bleeding. Interspersing scenes show Madonna singing and dancing wildly in front of burning crosses, erotic scenes between her and the saint, and the singer being surrounded by a choir inside the church. The video ends as Madonna dances in front of the burning crosses, and then everybody involved in the story line takes a bow as curtains come down on the set.

Pepsi also benefited from having their product associated with Madonna, thereby creating promotion. Pepsi premiered the commercial during the global telecast of the 31st Grammy Awards in February While reminiscing, she interchanges places with her young self. The young Madonna roams aimlessly around the grown-up Madonna's room, while the latter dances with her childhood friends on the street and inside a bar.

The commercial continues as Madonna dances inside a church, surrounded by a choir and her child self discovering her old doll. As both of them are interchanged again, the grown-up Madonna looks towards the TV and says, "Go ahead, make a wish".

Both the Madonnas raise their Pepsi cans to each other, and the young Madonna blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Ultimately Pepsi gave up to the protests and cancelled the campaign. Madonna stated that "art should be controversial, and that's all there is to it", about the controversy. The video received mostly positive response from the journalist and critics.

Jamie Portman from The Daily Gazette felt that the clip could be "vulnerable to charges of being blatantly provocative in its calculated blending of sex and religion". She pointed out that "Madonna is a good girl in the video. What is the big deal? He was more interested in the stigmata presented in the clip. Scholars and academics have offered different interpretations of the music video and its story line. Allen Metz, one of the authors of The Madonna Companion: Two Decades of Commentary , noted that when Madonna enters the church at the beginning of the clip, the line "I hear you call my name, And it feels like In that respect, Metz believed that Madonna alluded herself to be one from Harlem, but also refers herself as divinity returning to the Church.

However, Madonna could not do anything thus portraying failure of divinity to save. Other themes noted by Metz include the burning crosses scene, which he felt evoked the murder scene of three civil workers , portrayed in the American crime drama film Mississippi Burning. This was a reference to the only person who had protested against the Ku Klux Klan murders in Mississippi Burning , a Black man. For the author, it was symbolic of his protest being transferred in Madonna. Madonna portrays a successful heroine and thus the whole video becomes about female empowerment.

She sang it wearing a dress that looked like a cross between a Mediterranean widow's attire and a clergy 's robe. Hundreds of burning candles surrounded her as she knelt down in front of the stage, the backup singers crying the words "Oh my God" several times. Madonna eventually removed a scarf from her head to display a huge crucifix hanging from her neck, and then rose and sang the full song, while her dancers gyrated around her. In , Madonna released her ninth studio album, American Life. While doing a set of short promotional performances for the album, Madonna sang "Like a Prayer", with the choir portion of the song being replaced by guitar sounds.

Members of the audience were asked to sing along with her, filling in the part of the choir. She performed it alongside Birhan Woldu , an Ethiopian woman who, as a malnourished toddler, had appeared in some of the footage of the —85 famine in Ethiopia. Screens displayed a message of equality of religions, as symbols and texts from different scriptures flashed by, including messages from the Bible , Qur'an , Torah and Talmud. But for five minutes tonight, it was pure, put in service of something bigger than the singer. Joined by a choir and singer Cee Lo Green , Madonna in a black robe sang as the stadium was lit with white light.

On October 27, , during the Inglewood stop of her Rebel Heart Tour , Madonna sang an acoustic version of "Like a Prayer", asking the crowd to sing along with her. Dressed in a cloak, she was surrounded by background singers standing as monks and church bells tolling. One of the first cover versions of the song was an acoustic version done by folk singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding , for his extended play , God Made Me Do It: A Tribute To Madonna, Vol.

It was released as a single and was a commercial success, reaching the top of the charts in Austria, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, the top ten in Belgium Flanders and Wallonia regions , France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and the top twenty in Denmark and Sweden. On the Billboard European Hot Singles chart, it reached a peak of number two. It was sung at the end of the episode by the fictional choir New Directions, performed by the Glee cast members.

The song was released as digital download to the iTunes Store , and was also included on the soundtrack EP, Glee: The Music, The Power of Madonna. Nick Duerden from Spin complimented the performance and the track for being "so successfully pulverized that one wondered whether it wasn't written specifically to become the world's greatest heavy rock anthem.

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Priya Elan from the publication noted it as Madonna's "calling card", bestowing the singer with a "legendary" status. Art Tavana from the publication opined that "'Like a Prayer' was the moment when Madonna went from being the voice of America's teenagers to the worldwide high priestess of pop. Campbell noted that the popularity and the media mayhem around the song and the video, helped introduce the concept of free publicity. The author further argued that the controversial clip was evidence of the emergence of the "video commodity as a different entity from the song that spawned it".

For Marcus the main impact lay in the fact that the clip ultimately portrayed an empowerment message, questioning and "attacking" the Church's male prejudice and continuous female subjugation throughout history. The song was noted by Campbell for the mix of choir and organ, which according to him paved the way for gospel music to be more mainstream than before. The main topic discussed was the fact that there can be different metaphorical meanings of the song, as the word "like" can be taken in separate contexts. Taraborrelli commented that "in the end, the events surrounding 'Like a Prayer' only served to enhance Madonna's reputation as a shrewd businesswoman, someone who knows how to sell a concept.

However, Madonna made it a point to have the commercial be dictated by her. Although the commercial intended to promote Pepsi the soft drink , she did not bother to hold even a can of the product, leading the author to comment that "Madonna the pop star was going to do it her way, no matter what Madonna the businesswoman had agreed to do".

Taraborrelli noted that after "Like a Prayer", the recruitment of pop stars and athletes to sell soft drinks became commonplace. However, none of them generated the level of excitement on par with Pepsi's failed deal with Madonna. Credits adapted from the Like a Prayer album liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It became obvious that there was something unique about it.

And that somehow we made this thing work: This is ambitious, you know? A second sample of "Like a Prayer", featuring Madonna singing the hymn-like first verse, which is complemented by percussion instruments. I like the challenge of merging art and commerce. As far as I'm concerned, making a video is also a commercial.

The Pepsi spot is a different and great way to expose the record. Record companies just don't have the money to finance that kind of publicity. List of cover versions of Madonna songs and List of Madonna tribute albums. I felt the impact that it was going to make. That song means a lot more to me than 'Like a Virgin'. I wrote it and it's from my heart. It's a very spiritual song. I think I was much more spiritually in touch with the power of words and music by the time I started recording the song and the album.

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