Lone Wolf Chronicles (Gay Werewolf Erotic Romance 2-Pack)

Knocked Up by His Werewolf Dom
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go here Hairy, furry Colton, tiny lithe tight Parker, the hooded cocks, the hot loads of lava-temperature cum, the thick tubes, the pissing, the Ghostbusters joke. I loved it all.

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Bypassed brain stem, went directly to clitoris. View all 38 comments. Okay, this book is HOT. Like the kind of hot that needs to be written as hawt or hotttttt. However, it was also kind of racist, sexist, and slut-shamey And the sex scenes became so monotonous that I kind of skipped a few towards the end. But most of the book was smuttastically fabulous so View all 8 comments. Sure, I'll pay a buck for that. Sadly, this book is not worth a buck. The characters are one-dimensional, and there is no relationship development, just sex. After the tenth blow job, I was yawning. A dishtowel is more interesting than Parker, and Colton comes across like a possessive psycho stalker.

But he does wait until Parker is 18 before claiming him. This story brims with casual sexism and racism. The main female character, Parker's friend Shell, is a black woman who gets herself knocked up and seems to have a vocabulary limited to: Her "mocha" skin is referred to time and time again.

Every character of color is reduced to a shade of coffee. And the writing, good lord, the writing; there is no finesse here, no art. The language is simplistic and vulgar. I feel like I smelled something rancid. View all 12 comments.

Mar 07, Sophia Triad rated it liked it Shelves: This is a very simple shifters story, but it is really sweet. All the main characters are teenagers, still in school. Parker is almost 18 years old and he has a major crush on Colton who is the star of the school football team. Parker is the team mascot and he is incredible shy. He cannot imagine that a guy like Colton would be interested in him.

What he does not know is that Colton is also a werewolf and that his two best friends and team members are also werewolves. The school and the little t This is a very simple shifters story, but it is really sweet. This is the story of Alpha wolf Colton, how he found and claimed his mate and how he created his own Pack, the Timber Pack.

This Pack does not discriminate its members and everyone is welcome: Males and females, gay and straight, bears and wolves. View all 10 comments. Ok, this used to be a free online read and is now for sale at a very good price.

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I love Shifter books, I like the mate-mine-trope usually works for me. Here we have a pretty typical pairing one small, little, submissive human Parker and big, strong, tall, dominant wolf Colton. Colton knows they are mates and well being the big bad alpha-type that he is, he waits as long as he can and then the sex-fest commences.

There is some pack po Ok, this used to be a free online read and is now for sale at a very good price. There is some pack politics and of course a rogue wolf and a few mysterious happenings. The story isn't really all that new or different, but engaging and entertaining and I'm invested enough in the whole crew that I will definitely read the next book. View all 15 comments. Jan 06, P rated it really liked it Shelves: Twilight meets Teen Wolf.

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There comes a story about a boy having a crush on a big bad wolf. Parker doesn't even know what he gets himself into when Colton makes a move on him. Colton is waiting for the day Parker turns eighteen, and Parker will totally be his. As that day comes, Colton is willing to love his mate with every little bit of his heart.

The story is soooooo good. It's a light-hearted reading for me this time, not serious or dramatic. I enjoyed this book much more than a lot. However, I'm a diehard Sterek fan, too. I kind of like it!! Sep 24, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: I have no file labeled Vampire because I'm not a fan of ancient molest-y creeps and I'm rather over them in general. I also have a file labeled Zombies and I plan on attacking those books in October. I don't know about you, but it is actually fairly difficult for me to enjoy an engrossing story while being 'goal-oriented' in other ways.

I liked the switching back and forth between perspectives. View all 7 comments.

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Mar 12, Lilia Ford rated it really liked it Shelves: In his bio, Rob Colton describes himself thus: It's a formula, but Colton aces it, creating feel-good stories with eminently likable characters. I find them especially refreshing for their complete lack of pretension. Colton's is not a world o In his bio, Rob Colton describes himself thus: Colton's is not a world of billionaires or fancy-pants: Heroes have modest, ordinary-guy jobs and are really just looking for love. Timber Pack does not depart from that basic pattern by so much as an iota, but perhaps thanks to the high school hormones, it does feature significantly more sex than other Colton stories I've read.

Practically every conversation, event, meeting ends up with our adorable wolves going at it like rabbit shifters. You can't call it PWP, but this is one of those rare books where I wouldn't have minded more attention on these boys' non-sexual activities: That being said, Colton is one of the few writers I know who successfully balances hot and sweet. His growly, possessive heroes are also fundamentally good-natured, and his subs are always eager and cheerful. Colton is practically an auto-buy for me.

He does a particular dynamic really well and his books just make me feel happy. View all 3 comments. May 21, Meags rated it really liked it Shelves: Colton and Parker are also destined mates and once they start getting it on there is no stopping them. Sure, there was some other stuff going on in this story — I vaguely recall some predictable plot about a psycho rogue wolf — but most of that took a backseat to the porn marathon these two continually engaged in.

I can actually imagine re-reading this one down the line at some point, simply for the fluffy and porntastic simplicity of it all.

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View all 4 comments. I love, love this story. I can't believe is free!!!! I read this story when it was free online, and now has been published for only 99c, a great price for a fantastic story, I bought it and now I'm reading it all over again, that's how much I love it!!! I thoroughly enjoyed that. It bordered on too much sex, but just slipped in under the radar. And Colton's dirty dominance was just so fucking hot that I didn't really care.

The plot was good too, although I guessed who the rogue was fairly easily there really wasn't any other option. They wrapped everything up well, except I'd like a little more explanation on how they're going to survive as a pack and where the fuck their money is gonna come from and what the fuck they're 4. They wrapped everything up well, except I'd like a little more explanation on how they're going to survive as a pack and where the fuck their money is gonna come from and what the fuck they're going to do for work I'm so glad there will be another book, I'm hoping and assuming it will be Jed's!

Parker was adorable and he made me laugh. I also loved his reactions to Colton. He could be sweet, but more often he was too obnoxious in his alpha-ness. Yes, there was a lot of sex. Some of it was very hot, some not so much. Overall, an over the top silly romp to be read for fun and not be taken seriously. Pup as a 3 stars for entertainment value Intrigued by Emma's review , prepared by Julio's , I proceeded with great curiosity. Mar 15, Camille Adams rated it liked it Shelves: Porn that staunchly defies plot. In fact, every single time there was just a smidgen of story a sex scene appeared whether it made sense or not.

Lest we forget that this is a tribute to dripping cocks, the reader was never treated to more than two to three pages at a time of any development beyond a burgeoning boner. What we were treated to were racial stereotypes and speech of the neck-rolling, no you didn't, girrrrrl variety. Somehow though, it was distinctly readable. Jun 22, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: I adored this sweet, sexy book. It has everything I love.

Colton, the big, strong, gentle and hot , alpha and his sweet little mate who is also strong in his own right. Also a big fan of the family that's created with friends who you love and who love and protect you in return. I bought it in paperback because I know I'll be reading it again.

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When Andreas' collegues attack them and try to kill them, he just cant leave Andreas alone, he wants to fight with him and when his mate gets hurt he changes into a wolf. Twilight meets Teen Wolf. The overall feel was how a lonely gay teenager might dream his last year of highschool could have gone if there wa Not sure what this is supposed to be When he sees him naked in the showers with his hairy chest, muscled body and huge uncut cock he almost faints and so did I. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aug 23, Sherry rated it did not like it. Open Preview See a Problem?

I'm thrilled that the sequel is out already, just waiting for that paperback to be delivered. Not to be missed. View all 5 comments. Delicious, delightful, down and dirty teen werewolf smut. The magically regrown foreskin was just brilliant, I'm still smiling. My home is girth by sea: This book had a lot for me to like, and a lot for me to not like. I'm just going to break it down by points instead of writing a thought out review.

Lone Wolf Chronicles (Gay Werewolf Erotic Romance 2-Pack)

Everyone was fun and likeable, even Colton and his overbearing ways interesting shifter stuff plot kept me interested to the end easy to read. Small sentences, small words. Parker's dad did finally take an interest, but view spoiler [ only because he was paid to hide spoiler ] So all in all, this book was not fantastic, but it kept me going til the end.

Colton was overbearing and controlling, but I forgave it, because he's a wolf, and that's just his nature. But in the beginning, Parker didn't know this, and just accepted it, even found it hot, and that was a bit worrying to me. I read Timber Pack Chronicles quite a while back, when it was a free read online. I remembered enjoying it, so it was good to see it on Amazon and I'm glad I was able to add it to my Kindle book collection: It's also a really good price, considering the length.

I've paid two or three times that price for ebooks that weren't even have the length of this novel. Timber Pack Chronicles was just as entertaining as I remembered. It's a sweet story, and the way the author describes all the wolf pack s I read Timber Pack Chronicles quite a while back, when it was a free read online.

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