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Larry Stafford Michael Reilly Burke Dawn Newton Seena Ghaznavi Greg Turner Neko Parham Casey Claybon as M. Neko Parham Jay Patterson Sam McCarthy Chavez Ravine Marianne Claybon Christian Stolte John Rucinski James Urbaniak James Pearn Jay Whittaker Frank Molini Patrick Clear Adam Brock David Girolmo Do not rush to judge. Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Preexisting footage of President George W. Bush and CGI effects help to create the scenes of his assassination. Goofs The movie is supposed to be a TV broadcast, but at the end of the movie; when they give us the aftermath facts before the credits; they say that Zikri is still waiting for his appeal over one year after his conviction on April 10, So, if he was convicted on April 10, and it has been over a year since that time; that would mean that the broadcast is taking place no earlier than and not in Finding the source of the leak is the focus of a massive investigation.

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Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? This review reveals the ending of the movie. Prime Video Verified Purchase. More importantly, however, in "The Interview" things get decisively better for the people of North Korea after their head of state is killed, whereas in "Death" things get marginally worse for the American people and decisively worse for the patsy selected as villain of the year.

The real killer shot himself just after killing Bush, leaving a suicide note implying his responsibility for the assassination, but it's more convenient to President Cheney to blame a Syrian immigrant who was tricked into coming to an Afghan al-Qaeda camp years earlier, who is sentenced to die for the crime.

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The real message of this film is that violence as a means of transforming a society never works. There is relatively little known about the actual killer -- we see only old photographs of him in uniform, a picture of his body after he has shot himself, and discussion of his life by his wife and son -- but it is implied that he killed Bush out of a similar misguided idealism that led Bush to invade Iraq.

Ubiquitous protestors throughout the first part of the movie are making this point and their activism, the film hints, itself slides into unacceptable violence, even though the real killer is not part of any protest group. This and the assassination only inspires the state to pass new amendments to the Patriot Act that take away more of our freedoms, leaving everybody worse off.

The Secret Service has now gone 52 years since the last successful Presidential assassination and you wonder if it might be getting complacent.

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This will probably be even more true the more time elapses until someone else makes a serious try. I prayed last night after watching this movie that we would never see another President of the United States assassinated.

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During the history of the United States, eight presidents have died in office. Of those eight, four were assassinated and four died of natural causes. In all eight. The following is a list of Presidents of the United States by date of death, plus additional lists of presidential death related statistics. Of the 44 persons who have .

The outcome would be bad for everybody, no matter who it is. First, I liked the movie, thought it was pretty well made, using grainy, shaky-cam photography combined with actual stock footage and "Forrest Gump effects" to look like an actual documentary covering the assassination of a President.

Not sure what the director's message was but it appears to be some kind of narrative about Americans' rushing to judgement before all the facts are in. Bush after a speaking engagement.

John F Kennedy's last moments - JFK Assassination

Suspects include a radical protestor known to hate the US government, a former army soldier back from Afghanistan and Iraq and disgruntled at not being able to get help from the VA, and a Syrian immigrant with ties to Al Qaeda and the Syrian army. Despite only circumstantial evidence the Justice Dept railroads the Syrian even though there is no physical evidence linking him to the shooting, no fingerprints on a rifle found at the scene, no contacts with known Al Qaeda suspects in the US, etc.

In all, its a fascinating look at how current events and political thought combined with how our news media behaves might influence an assassination. After all, the last one was in and a lot has changed since then. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

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The movie is billed as a mystery on Amazon. As a mystery it doesn't really work: The movie works because it is a mostly accurate depiction of how the assassination of a President would be covered. The movie provides social and political commentary, but in a way that feels organic to the story and not heavy handed. One person found this helpful. I would give the editor an Oscar for editing. I live in Chicago and for a while, even for me, the lines between fact and fiction were blurred.

Interesting and thought provoking faux documentary.

Liberal kook fantasy flick at best. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

List of Presidents of the United States by date of death

For the location of each deceased U. Bush , and Barack Obama. Government of the United States portal Lists portal Death portal. The Papers of George Washington. Retrieved August 27, Mackowiak March 31, The New York Times.

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Gabriel Range , Simon Finch Producers: Retrieved October 9, Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. George Bush killed our David, and I cannot forgive him for that. Share this Rating Title: Alzheimer's disease , pneumonia. His body was transported to the Taylor Family plot where his parents are buried, on the old Taylor homestead plantation known as 'Springfield' in Louisville, Kentucky.

Retrieved December 18, The Double Career of James Polk. New York, New York: Retrieved October 17, Retrieved August 31,