Soul Shift - 2012 and Beyond

Cosmic Energy, The Dimensional Shift, and a New Divine Humanity
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In whatever way we may travel to realize our true Divine being on Earth, it is in the infinite present that we must just be the knowing, love, and creativity that we are. We can be grateful for all of these because they prepare us and focus us to ultimately understand that we already are the answer. We just could not see it under the veils, illusions, matrices, and distortions of the false conditioning of duality consciousness. We can only generate our Divine frequency through the mystery of being.

May we open to the Divine awareness of our interior resonance, and be the love and creativity in infinite freedom. Within freedom, our Divine soul as physical body resonates with the Divine all in love, joy, peace, and creative action on Earth. In a fear-based consciousness, we have made a separation of physical matter and spirit. In this view, the physical frequencies are something less than the Divine essence. While this perception can maintain that the spirit is the energy of matter and is immanent within matter, it still does not see and feel matter as spirit and spirit as matter.

The present physical consciousness that is the experience of limited matter is a distortion. Matter in its pure state is the same as Divine spirit. The physical is an organization of spirit emanating at various frequency levels. In a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation, what we experience through the narrow range of our physical senses and thinking mind is a false distortion of matter.

In the emanation of the Divine as information, consciousness, energy, and frequency, spirit is matter and matter is spirit. It is only the distorting overlay of false frequencies of consciousness that maintain a dualistic separation. Humanity is in a process of awakening to a resonance with the true Divine frequency of matter where we move beyond the distortion as starting point and into the realization of spirit as matter. The Divine as matter is a pulsation of expansion and contraction.

It pulsates as a Divine harmonic of perfect action and perfect rest. It is a perfect timing sequence of fluid motion. The motion is so synchronic that is appears not to be in motion as we now understand movement in a physical universe with an experience of a false matter matrix overlay. Words cannot fully express an expanding and contracting movement that is experienced as non-movement because current 3D language is part of the false separation vibration.

The experience of true Divine matter has not been part of the human experience on Earth. Humanity was closer to the true Divine nature on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, but not to the fullness that is awakening as the current dimensional hologram shifts in frequency. The galactic information and solar transforming of light and sound frequencies is assisting a human awakening and resonance with true physical matter.

This is a Divine sequencing of the Divine soul emanating as a Divine physical body. In heart consciousness, humanity is transforming to a knowing Light mind and Divine feeling body. The true nature of matter is Divine which means there is no limitation, conflict, or separation. The experience of matter as its true reality is a radical change from the illusion, veils, and overlays that has been the fear-based consciousness. The true reality is here now.

The true and false frequencies are superimposed in the same one reality. It all relates to the frequency of human consciousness. Over thousands of years, the human mind and body has been conditioned to a fear-based limiting consciousness. Humanity has not been experiencing true Divine matter either as a soul-body or the human collective because the false conditioning of consciousness resonates with the false overlay matrix of distorting, chaotic, and limiting frequencies. The awakening, remembering, and transforming of human consciousness to resonate as Divine soul in, through, and as a Divine physical body is a huge change for humanity on Earth.

While the experience of the shift in human consciousness is so great, the shift in resonance is actually very subtle. True matter and false matter are not really two different realities. They are two differing frequency organizations of the same reality operating simultaneously. It is all about shifting consciousness to the Divine frequency.

It is truly experiencing the Divine essence beyond frequency while seamlessly expressing as a Divine frequency on Earth. In reference to the frequency of true physical matter, the experience of false matter is perpetually painful and limiting. False matter is always out of balance or equilibrium because the pure harmonic of the infinite Divine expressing as a Divine physical body does not fully express in a fear-based consciousness.

The consciousness of true matter is harmonic—forever in balance and flow. It is the essence that is love and creativity in a restful action on Earth. There is no angst, conflict, or tension—just the pure freedom of creativity. It is the beauty of Divine love. May we continue to open to the freedom of infinite Divine awareness as matter and the emanation of our Divine soul as the physical body on Earth.

It is a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation. It operates as a conditioning within humanity through the thinking mind and a narrow range of the current physical sensory system. We can speculate, debate, and offer particular points of view of the origins of the restrictive fear consciousness within humanity. Is it part of an evolutionary process?

Is it an infiltration from negative intelligence or beings? Is it a normal progression in the universe, or frequency range within this galaxy, universe, or cosmos? Much of this information can be helpful in our journey of awakening and transforming to an expression of our Divine soul as embodied on Earth. But what is most important is that we focus on resonating with the shifting frequencies that are assisting humanity to awaken to our infinite consciousness as lived through a physical body on Earth.

The information as consciousness and energy is being manifest to us in multiple levels. It all emanates from the subtle energies within—that infinite realm of the heart where we resonate with the knowing mind of Light and the Divine feeling body. In the domain of multidimensional unity consciousness, the perception of interior and exterior, inside and outside, and within and without is one unified frequency of consciousness.

Thus, our assistance from our Divine soul and infinite connections with intelligence in the dimensions of the universe and spiritual realms is also being received by our consciousness from the galaxy, Sun, and Earth. The Sun is the major transducer of information, consciousness, and energy in our frequency levels of Earth life. Information codes and the dimensions and vibrations of light that communicate with the Divine soul as human consciousness manifesting a physical vehicle of the body are relayed by the Sun.

For Earth life, the Sun is foundational in any inner heart-centered shift of our consciousness resonating with our infinite Divine consciousness. We are in a rapidly shifting environment where the inner and outer are becoming the same experience. Spirit is matter and matter is spirit.

They are two aspects of a unified being and consciousness. The perceived split between spirit and matter that has been the fear-based consciousness within humanity for thousands of years, has resulted in humanity living a restricted experience on Earth and not the fullness of the Divine soul. We are infinite knowing Divine souls experiencing a Divinity in a particular frequency organization through a physical body-mind.

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Although we are already infinite and eternal Divine souls, the transformation to experience this fully on Earth as a physical body is a substantial shift in consciousness. It is a wholesale relinquishing of a conditioned personal or egoic identity. It is a shift beyond the thinking mind to a heart-centered consciousness of intuitive mind and supermind—a mind that purely transduces and conveys infinite knowing in the physical frequency dimensions. It is a change to an expanded human sensory system beyond the narrow confines of the current physical senses to an infinite subtle sensory range—a range that processes light and sound on multidimensional levels.

And most of all, it is a consciousness change manifesting beyond the current experience of the laws of physical matter. In the true Divine physical, matter is fluid, pliable, melodic, and harmonic. It is frictionless without grating, grinding, or interference to Divine loving and creative interaction. This is the harmonic flow of love and creativity. It is spontaneous, effortless, and of Divine flow—and infinite expansion and creative energy. The shift to the Divine soul of humanity emanating as a Divine physical body on Earth is a profound and clear manifestation of the fullness of true being.

In the fullness of our true Divine being, humanity is infinite creativity. Love is a never ending Divine being, consciousness, and energy that is perfect rest and perfect action. Its energy is a perpetual heightening and deepening of infinite experience. As we open to our multidimensional consciousness and beyond within a physical body manifestation on Earth, we will experience and express our infinite Divine awareness without need of time and space mind categories such as height and depth. It is a whole new experience of physical matter. It is still very much physical, but of a quality that bears no relation to our ordinary experience of the restrictions of current frequencies of physical matter.

The Divine life on Earth with a Divine physical body is a fully harmonic experience of infinite levels of love and creativity as lived by the soul within matter frequencies. It is an infinite experience of creativity with consciousness as matter that is fully unique while always being in perfect Divine harmony with all. Humanity as a Divine soul and Divine physical body has an infinite range of subtle senses. These senses work in harmony with the Light mind and Divine feeling within heart consciousness.

At this frequency of the Divine soul on Earth, communication includes telepathy and movement includes teleportation. These actions are intrinsic to the freedom of the soul and emanate into physical Earth experience without thought. The cellular frequencies of the body emanate as a perpetual harmonic regeneration. There will no longer be the fear-based encodings of ageing, disease, and degeneration. The transition of the soul to other realms of experience beyond Earth will occur in ways that is beyond death of the physical body vehicle that we have known in the restrictive conflict, control, and separation consciousness.

The energy emanation of the Divine physical cellular consciousness will occur by the natural subtle, light, and sound frequencies of consciousness. No longer will the body need to devour or consume separate energies that are lacking in a fear-based consciousness. The energy configuration of the cells is fully sufficient as emanating from the infinite Divine frequencies.

The Divine soul as physical body is fully aware—gone are the split of conscious and unconscious. Thus, the processing of dream states of consciousness is unnecessary. Also, since the energy manifestation of the cellular consciousness is perpetual, there is no expending and replenishing of energy. Therefore, there is no need for the body to recuperate in a sleep mode of consciousness. The current fear-based consciousness of mind tires the systems of the body, and thus sleep has been a very important requirement of repair and recuperation in a restrictive consciousness.

In the freedom of Divine consciousness, energy is never expended or depleted. The action of energy and the manifestation of energy is the same thing. The Divine life on Earth is a radical change in the perception of matter. For the Divine soul to have the full experience of love and creativity in the Earth physicality, the manifestation of the physical body will have different qualities than current physical perception.

While this is a huge leap for human life on Earth, it is truly natural to the experience of a soul emanating within, through, and as a physical body. The Divine life on Earth has been our longing during the years of the restrictive conflict, control, and separation consciousness. It is simply the true essence of our being.

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Humanity is a Divine soul emanating in physical form. Living the fullness of truth of who we are as a loving and creative infinite Divine awareness will be living the Divine life on Earth as fully Divine physical matter. May we continue to awaken, transform, and open to heart consciousness where we are aware of our being as Divine love and creativity that intends to live our full essence on Earth.

We are now in a very rapid change of the frequency domain on Earth. The configuration of the information and energy from the cosmos and galaxy as transduced by the Sun is assisting a human resonance with the harmonic frequency of the Divine soul. This is part of an evolving consciousness shift to a Divine physical humanity on Earth. At this point in the shifting frequency, the collective energy of the Earth is experienced as more of a deconstructing frequency.

This is the collective frequency experience that is the current organization on Earth. It is a fear-based conflict and separating energy that is the distortion and false perception of matter in a disharmonic 3D matrix. Even within the overall current false perception of matter, we can open to the unitary harmonic truth beyond the veils of the inharmonic overlay.

At present, the soul must resonate in heart consciousness to experience the harmonic flow of the Divine being of love and creativity.

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As humanity is awakening to a more coherent resonance with infinite consciousness on Earth, the current perception of matter in the 3D world is devolving in an exterior frequency simulation. It is the artificial frequencies that are constricting all the current 3D systems. The merging of electronic communication into everyday life is the main sign of a devolving 3D frequency and the larger movement to a Divine emanation of matter on Earth.

The true Divine soul human manifesting as the physical body has its own intrinsic interior consciousness technology that is a spontaneous knowing, telepathy, teleportation, and perfect harmonic emanation and communication of the cells. Artificial external communication frequencies are affecting humanity within a 3D perception in two major ways. First, the myriad of chaotic electromagnetic frequencies being generated by RF and microwave transmission is disharmonic to the cellular consciousness of the physical body.

Second, the systematic use of electronic communication is stressing the thinking mind and sensory system. It is changing the way the mind and brain process information. If awareness remains in the 3D frequency, then the result is a dulling of awareness in everyday interaction. This occurs because the mind and senses are always functioning in an electronic information processing mode. Thus, both the electromagnetic frequencies and the change to a habituated sensory and thinking overload of the mind and body is a major contributor to the devolving human 3D systems.

In heart consciousness, the true human infinite Divine consciousness emanates as the soul-body through the knowing Light mind and Divine feeling body. The level of Divine awareness is beyond the thinking mind and current sensory system. The true human soul-body as Divine physical is a direct cellular consciousness. It is a spontaneous knowing and acting Divine consciousness that is emanating as a pure harmonic cellular consciousness. The purity of a Divine cellular consciousness is the true frequency of matter without a distorting and constricting frequency overlay.

The Light mind and Divine body is the true nature of matter, not the false distortion of the perceived conflict, control, and separation in current collective 3D perception. The true nature of matter on Earth has not been part of the human experience. The current experience of matter is a complex web of restricting frequencies. This is the matrix that imprisons human incarnate consciousness in an extreme limitation.

While some view the human electronic web as an advance to a global brain or nervous system, it is actually an intensification of the matrix as the 3D frequencies of perception devolve. A Divine soul-body consciousness through the cells forms its own direct awareness of infinite communication.

At times, the transformation to a Divine matter on Earth is referred to as a fifth dimension or beyond. While this term conveys much of the essence of a Divine life on Earth, it is not fully coherent in that its awareness is being interpreted by levels of mind and not fully by the consciousness of the cells.

We must emanate the Divine awareness fully and directly as the cells of the body. In the past, we have used the higher levels of the mental mind with some separation of body in order for our consciousness to access or participate in the infinite Divine awareness. By using the mental domains as not fully the Divine physical body, the body is only able to participate in the access of Divine awareness.

In order for humanity to live and be our Divine soul of love and creativity on Earth, the physical body must be directly the Divine awareness. This is our evolving transformation to a true Divine humanity on Earth within the true perception of matter which is purely fluid, harmonic, and loving.

In our true being, we are incarnate in frictionless frequency patterns. The current false distorting frequencies of matter on Earth form an intricate web that is intertwined with our perceptions of mind and matter—this perception is conflict, control, inertia, separation, and friction. The soul, mind, and body cannot be purely harmonic in this milieu. This is why the artificial frequencies are only contributing to a further devolution of the current 3D based frequency organization.

In awakening and transforming our consciousness, may we continue to open to the harmonic Divine awareness of love and creativity and to emanate our soul-body directly as a Divine physical cellular consciousness. Throughout the thousands of years that humanity has been experiencing life in a dualistic 3D consciousness on Earth, many traditions have sought to open human consciousness to our true Divine awareness. All of these traditions within religion, esotericism, metaphysics, and spirituality, etc. In these times of accelerating shifting frequencies of the dimensional Earth hologram, we are awakening to our true human nature on Earth beyond just accessing our infinite consciousness.

We will fully be our Divine awareness incarnate as a soul-body. We will live our infinite consciousness on Earth as the Divine beings that we are. If humanity is to be our true harmonic awareness of love and creativity on Earth, the physical body as an emanation of this consciousness must be fully Divine. The current overall 3D fear-based duality consciousness of conflict, control, and separation has limited and veiled humanity to a very narrow frequency range of experience and expression.

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Soul Shift and Beyond [Judith Horky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The family survived the EarthShift, and all but one ascended. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. About the Author Judith Horky has had a passion for the Soul Shift - and Beyond - Kindle edition by Judith Horky.

The point of entry for this false disharmonic frequency is the consciousness of the thinking mind and the reactive emotional system. This level of mind has conditioned the ego personality structure as an overlay to experiencing life in the physical body. This mind is one with the physical body and affects all cellular systems, information, and communication pathways throughout the body.

It is a false distorting operating system of mind that censors and filters all experience through past conditioning. This linear mind has so effected our incarnate being that it has intermingled at the very core level of our cellular energy.

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At our most foundational level on Earth, the fear-based consciousness operates within a deep frequency memory pattern of the cells. Throughout the past thousands of years of humanity on Earth, it has not been necessary to fully change the physical disharmonic resonant frequency in order to experience higher consciousness.

We open to our infinite awareness from heart consciousness through the knowing Light mind and mediated through the body. The body cooperates in this frequency awareness as the heart, brain, nervous system, and hormonal system respond to the soul and spirit awareness. This opening of our true nature to a cosmic or mystical consciousness as described in many traditions is a non-dual and non-local experience of the infinite. In this state of awareness, all separation or incoherent noise ceases and the person is aware of the connection to all while maintaining a unique soul identity.

At these levels of consciousness, the soul awareness is completely beyond the ego structure of an identity overlay. However, the body is participating in this state of higher consciousness without necessarily eliminating all of the depth incoherent frequencies in the cells. In any of the known traditions, we do not have a fullness of a Divine physical frequency body on Earth. Some traditions are moving toward a Divine body, but not at the pure level that our Divine souls as incarnate humanity are awakening to on Earth. Many Western mystical traditions, such as Christian mysticism, access a very high unity consciousness through the Light mind and spirit, but maintain a strong duality of body and soul.

Examples in this pathway include the exalted high frequency heart consciousness of Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, and Pio of Pietrelcina. They all journeyed to a transformed awareness of infinite consciousness and Divine love while working through infirmities and disease of the physical body.

In the Eastern spiritual traditions, the non-dual Kashmir Shaivism tantric tradition opens to a highly integrated heart-centered awareness on Earth. Here, the true Divine self is continually experienced within all the activities of life on Earth. The most highly realized state of this level of heart-centered embodiment is still not a fully Divine physical matter on Earth—it does not yet fully incorporate a harmonic matter of cellular consciousness.

Another tradition that incorporates more of the body in transformation is the Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen tradition. The Dzogchen includes bi-location, teleportation, and the shift to a pure rainbow Light body at the transformation and transition of the physical body of this incarnate life. However, it is not a change to the pure harmonic of the true matter physical body. One of the most integrated traditions of spirit, mind, and body from the East is the Taoist esoteric yoga.

Even in this tradition that is working toward an ultimate immortal body from incarnation to incarnation, at this point in humanity there is still maintained a soul and body duality. It is not yet developing the Divine matter body as an awareness of infinite consciousness that is the physical body in the eternal now of this incarnation.

We also find the same soul and matter duality among many important modern scientific contributors to consciousness and cosmology. Thus, among philosophers, mystics, and scientists, there has been a reluctance to open to a breakthrough, remembering, restoring, and transforming to a Divine physics—a change of frequency in matter where we live as a soul-body in a whole new harmonic way on Earth beyond all limitation of the false perception of current physical laws that are encoded by a fear-based matrix.

We are now at a point in our humanity on Earth where we are opening to our true humanity of an infinite soul consciousness as a Divine physical body. In recent human experience, this work has most notably been furthered by consciousness explorers Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Mirra Alfassa. Mother then carried on the specific path of realizing the Divine consciousness as the physical body from to In recent times, the sciences of biophysics and bioelectricity have been contributing to understanding the movement to a coherent human body. Thus, we are integrating the longstanding false split between materialism and spiritualism.

We are truly a Divine infinite awareness of spirit emanating as unique soul awareness. This awareness is not body, mind, and soul. It is one soul-body. That is, our infinite consciousness is emanating as an organization of physical body frequencies. Our Divine being is infinite and bodily all at once. Our infinite consciousness is not within the body, in the body, or through the body, it is the body. Divine soul consciousness as body is simply a shift in frequency of expression of information, consciousness, and energy—it is consciousness expressing as frequency organizations of bodily form.

Therefore, we have no above and below, higher or lower, heaven or Earth, or height or depth. We just have an infinite array of unique qualities of frequency experience through spiritual realms, universe, dimensions, galaxies, solar systems, and Earth. The crux of the situation is to awaken to who we truly are on Earth. The only way is to emanate our infinite consciousness through a pure Divine matter.

As long as the body adheres to limits of entropy, decay, disharmonic regeneration, friction, and physical death as we have known it, there is no pure Divine awareness as the body on Earth. Our Divine consciousness of love and creativity must be the body as its infinite perfection. As long as we operate under the perception of the current physical laws, humanity will not go fully beyond the fear-based consciousness.

Our entire being must shift to a higher dimensional frequency where our foundational expression in the incarnate experience on Earth is through a Divine physical body. Hence, the physical body must be of the same infinite frequency as our awareness of our Divine infinite consciousness. By awakening to our true Divine nature on Earth, we are awakening to the true physical matter.

The matter we have been experiencing is entirely infiltrated in a matrix of incoherent frequency. Thus, it experiences limits, accidents, disease, etc. True matter as consciousness has no conflicts. It exists as a pure harmonic fluid pulsation that is a perpetual synchronic expansion and contraction. There is no friction—only the unity of pure freedom and unique soul expression of the infinite consciousness and being.

True matter is Divine being resonating at frequencies that emanate as the physical body. It is the real form of matter and cellular consciousness. True matter and false matter occupy the same space. They exist simultaneously as superimposed matrices.

There is a certain frequency merge or intermingling of the perception of true unitary matter of infinite love and creativity and false matter of fear-based conflict, control, and separation. Creative intention is through the knowing Light mind of soul awareness in the heart that is beyond the thinking mind. Intention functions from within a frequency range of the true perception of matter as a non-local infinite consciousness. When we intend in the current 3D consciousness, we are opening to the true matter as it co-mingles in the same space as the false limited matter.

Ultimately, we will find that our soul awareness in Divine unity is even beyond intention. The Divine soul just knows and acts in an infinite unique spontanaiety—it is a perpetual self-organization of being and creativity in the now moment. There is no prior thought or intention which separates one from pure being and experience.

Our egoic thinking mind has conditioned our frequencies of body consciousness to resonate with the false perception of the limiting laws of physical matter. This has been the default position for the collective consciousness of humanity on Earth for thousands of years. In this time period, some humans have been able to fully access their higher Light mind through heart consciousness.

While this is a restoration of consciousness to our infinite Divine awareness, we have not yet been able to fully bring this frequency into physical matter and as the cellular consciousness of the body. We have had instances where highly evolved human consciousness has enabled a certain participation of the body, such as in bi-location, teleportation, breatharianism, levitation, lengthy life spans, psychokinesis, physical regeneration, etc.

As we awaken, remember, restore, and transform to our harmonic frequency of Divine awareness, we are participating in the shift of the dimensional hologram on Earth. The false fear-based matrix that intermingles with the Divine unity of the cosmos is resonating conflict, control, separation, friction, and entropy as a disharmonic conditioning that we perceive as a set of limiting laws of physical matter.

As we awaken to higher energy and shifting frequencies, we will live our true Divine being on a harmonic physical Earth. May we continue to open to our true Divine nature of an infinite soul and Divine body that is emanating, experiencing, and expressing as the soul-body on Earth. Over the last few decades, there has been a steady acceleration of the awareness of the movement time. The experience of this shift has been different for souls depending on their Divine timing sequence of awakening and transformation. Within the last two years, the experience of the acceleration is virtually universal although some souls do not interpret it as a change in time.

Some sense a shorter duration to the experience of events, while others have a vague sensation of experience feeling different. Most feel the change as an all encompassing intensification of the speeding up of time. The basic movement from 3D time, to 4D synchronic time, to 5D multidimensional time no time is continuing to be revealed by experience.

There are many factors that are contributing to the change in the experience of time. Some are of human 3D origin—i. However, the overall context for the change of time is the shifting dimensional hologram on Earth. The sequence is driven by galactic and solar shifts in information, consciousness, energy, and frequency. We are now fully in 4D synchronic time as a frequency organization. However, not everyone fully perceives this change. For those most aware at this point, it is a full 4D time. Although there may be a full awareness of 4D time, without a full transformation to our Divine infinite consciousness lived through the Light mind and Divine body, 4D synchronic time is being lived in part within an old 3D cultural organization.

All human systems still operate on a 24 hour Earth rotation, calendar yearly, monthly, daily , billing cycles, income periods, tax periods, holidays, schedules, etc. The list of how human society has been structured though the limited thinking mind in 3D time is endless. With an awareness of 4D time, our orientation of movement from past, present, and future is changing.

This reference point for ordering our experience or progress is almost entirely no longer part of our experience. However, we are in a strange transition because we are still functioning in the same 3D societal organization. Thus, we must still navigate the 3D time pattern with a new beyond time perception that does not orient to past, present, and future sequencing. The good news is that synchronic time places our awareness more fully in the now. The synchronic state of not feeling time is our true state that will be the totality of our experience in 5D and beyond where there is no time perception.

Beyond the limitations of the thinking mind, there is no time—just infinite shifting experience of the present now. Our perception of the speeding up of time may be a result of the breakdown of the past, present, and future overlay to the orientation of experience. We are in a way deleting this experience. Therefore, we do not remember a detailed sequencing of how our experience of events is moving from one thing to another. We maintain a distinct memory of past experience without the chain of events that divides experience in a sequence of movement from one event to another—we no longer hold the events in consciousness as a linked string.

Because of the deletion of the detailed ordering of experience, there is no longer an old orientation that would give time a slower duration as step by step process. Thus, by not holding the past-present-future memory sequence to experience, it feels like time is moving faster. We are in a movement beyond the artificial construction of time that has been created by the restrictions of the inharmonic thinking mind.

This filter of restriction has been used to orient our experience in a narrow density of limitation. The mind of the false self has created all disharmonious habits of physical limitation.

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People who were once unaware of the shifting plates are confronted with evidence that is real and overwhelming. This is not to say that it is not shifting. This emerging level of soul journey on Earth is awakening our unique wholeness in the Divine, and remembering our unified soul-to-soul essence that is a sacred union of two souls created in the same harmonic signature. In the many thousands of years in a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation on Earth, the mystical paradigm has been soul to God. The channeled guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Over Souls, and Spirit are to assist in connecting into your luminous lightbody and Soul Alignment.

They appear to us as laws of 3D material Earth life. We will find that the materiality of Earth life, which is a frequency of consciousness, will operate on a shifting frequency of infinite energy when the Divine infinite consciousness is emanating as the body. This occurs in a 5D and beyond organization and experience of the dimensional hologram on Earth. When our Divine infinite consciousness is lived as the physical body, there is no more limitation of time.

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The artificial construct of time serves no function. The infinite universal connectivity of consciousness is its own organization of activity, shared experience, and communication. Beyond the thinking mind, there is a simultaneous creative intention of telepathy, teleportation, cellular regeneration, and intentional manifestation.

It is the knowing Light mind of heart consciousness lived through the Divine feeling physical body. Within this awakening, there is the soul and body consciousness in a dimensional hologram of Earth beyond time. There is an intensity and immensity to the current shifting frequencies of the dimensional hologram on Earth and within human consciousness.

Depending upon our resonance, these shifting frequencies can be very apparent, or they can be so subtle as to not be noticed. The key to being aware of the frequencies of information and energy as they shift is the knowing and feeling of heart consciousness. Understanding the full complexity of the bigger picture of how the shift is occurring and its sequence is beyond the current dualistic thinking mind and the physical bandwidths of the sensory system. The complexities of the range and different angles or perspectives on the dynamic of the entire system cannot be known at once with the current human operating system of the mind.

However, we can know basic patterns and resonances in viewing aspects of the larger view that can assist our restoration and transformation to our Divine soul awareness. Each soul path is unique, and at times will be helped by understanding and knowing the larger dynamic of the fear-based matrix of consciousness and the shift to higher dimensional frequencies.

At other times, it is more beneficial to only focus on heart consciousness and our being as Divine infinite consciousness. In this way, there is a simplicity which goes directly to our ultimate truth of Divine awareness as an infinite knowing of love and creativity. Because the sensory system and thinking mind can place attention on virtually an infinite range of aspects of human culture, systems, frequencies, Divine awareness, cosmic consciousness, electromagnetic spectrums, galactic and solar dynamics, unconscious mind process, and higher dimensions, etc.

This perspective must emanate ever new in the infinite now from our soul resonance. At all times, it is helpful to keep focused on what elements of awakening, remembering, restoring, transforming, and embodying Divine awareness are clear. The other elements of a balanced perspective must be discerned in a more fluid developing way through observation and the resonance of feeling. Three aspects of these times of transformation are clear—1.

We are awakening to our true Divine being within incarnate form, 2. There is a shift in information, frequency, and energy in the dimensional hologram of the Sun, Earth, and solar system, and 3. Human consciousness has been within a fear-based matrix of conflict, control, and separation for thousands of years. Beyond this understanding, there are many uncertainties around the mechanics and the time sequence of human awakening and shifting dimensional frequencies.

There seems to be either a dichotomy of either a focus on the mechanics of the 3D fear-based conflict, control, and separation matrix, or a focus on the ultimate reality of all as Divine, intentional creativity, and unity without an awareness of the full disharmonic frequencies in the current Earth hologram.

At this point in our awakening, restoration, and transformation, it is very difficult to hold both sides fully in consciousness, and to fully awaken to our true Divine nature. This is not to judge those that either focus more on revealing the matrix or those that focus on our true Divine awareness of love, light, creativity, and unity.

All contribute to the transformation and shifting frequencies. We are all at uniquely sequential points of resonance. It is ultimately an infinite complexity that is truly a Divine simplicity. The purpose of this article is a reminder for us to keep in perspective the fact that we cannot grasp the infinite complexity from the thinking lower mind and the very limiting translation into language—written and verbal. And you will receive practical help for bringing about these shifts in your own life. Let Christ free you from guilt-driven spirituality to experience the measure of a life transformed.

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