Master of the Guard

Exxod Master of the Guard
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Exxod, Master of The Guard

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Magic Game Night Box Set. I always wanted Exxod to see more support through new sphinxes. Collector's Vault - Pokemon. Gator lvl 65 troll Ferel Lord. Why not another ridiculous boss to add into the pile?

There we're only like five sphinx related cards, and only two of them we're ever used for this thing. But you had to build a deck around this card seeing as how the Regular Structure deck caps itself in the knee or shoots itself since the support did not match the win conditions the card needed, thus you were stuck with alot of crap cards that couldn't do Anything!

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Ooh, this was the second Structure Deck I bought after the old Starter Deck Yugi - Ordeal of a Traveler was hilarious and created so much salt on the schoolyard, but the rest was No protection, hard to summon, very difficult to properly deal damage with XD Even then. I'm hoping for an R retrain some day though.

Exxod Master of the Guard

Master of the Guard. Race: Golem. Class: Warrior. Level: Spawn. Zone: Sleeper's Tomb. Location: % @ (, ). Respawn Time:?. Everquest Mob, NPC, Bestiary Information for Master of the Guard.

Last edited by Kathool: Typo in Card Name. Originally Posted by Kathool. Originally Posted by Alpha Hunter. With all the Over-powered cards in the game.

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Why not another ridiculous boss to add into the pile? V Trial Deck 3: V Extra Booster 2: Champions of the Asia Circuit.

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V Booster Set 1: V Trial Deck 1: V Trial Deck 2: V Extra Booster 1: V Booster Set 2: Rondeau of Chaos and Salvation. G Extra Booster 2: Waltz of the Goddess.

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Master of the Guard - Sleeper's Tomb: Temporal Leap vs Virus 19.09.2012 EQ2

World Martial Arts Tournament. Wardlings - Wave 2.